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 Member Rules

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PostSubject: Member Rules   Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:26 pm

1. Don't abuse your Admin-Commands. You can do it on your own player but please warn the persons before u do something with them. Pls no jokes with noobs.

2. Don't ask for Adminlevel

3. Pls take a vote before u do something (like panzer war or other noob wars)

4. Respect all players but at most all Admins / Co-Leaders and Persons who r higher level than you

5. Use Commands only to Warn someone (u can try them out on yourself, and on other only if they want it.

6. Adminlevel 5-11 are not able to recruit new Members; say wrong adminlevel (maybe "im the admin")

7. Important for all mambers!!: Dont change your name all the time it isnt allowed , if you be recruited you must choose one name and you have to use it all the time in our server!!!

8. Be nice and fair to new players and noobz please let them a chance rabbit

9. It will be good if you don't take your own decisions, say that they have to ask 1 of the Leaders.

10. You are the bitches and we are the fuckers cheers

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Member Rules
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